Communist OVertakings


Welcome to my apartment.

Why is everything on this theme and every other theme written in Latin?

See, Clark? I can build a website. Also, Cody wants to know what your boyfriend's name is. I guess that's what happens when you own a Miata. 


Also this theme seems to like robots. That's cool, I guess.

See these people? They're in such a happy mood because their communist dictator known as the Webmaster integrated flash games on this site. You could be this happy if you clicked the button that says "GDI" on the menu.

These people are from the development team, if I had the money for a professional development team. *cri*

I don't know what to put here yet, but this guy's tie is cool. Maybe I'm cool too. Probably. Yeah, let's go with that.

Daddy's House is now complete.


Thank you to all who came to patronize such an amazing man and to create Daddy's House.


-The Webmaster