Communist OVertakings



The site you are about to enter features a prolific amount of terrible things. It is a terrible terrible website that no person on Earth should ever visit, thus the State of California has deemed it to contain chemicals known to cause cancer. Don't eat the website, or you'll get cancer.


It contains profane content, stairical images, quirky tributes, and a bunch of other crap that I have no idea why it's on here, but it makes for a fun project when I have downtime.


Also, don't enter the site if you do not understand the definition of the word "satire." Look it up for yourself if you're unsure or too incompetent to know the meaning of the word. It'll go a long way for you as you navigate this website.


A word of advice, some pages have very loud music that plays automatically. You'll never know where it is, but it's there. I warned ya.